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Monday, November 20, 2017

Movie date: Justice League

Yesterday we watched Justice League after reading mixed reviews by my friends. After class, we went to Quill City Mall, had early dinner at DubuYo, went jalan-jalan a bit and bought 8.10pm tickets.

Motet knows every character, she's been watching Teen Titans and linked those characters. I forgot Cyborg's name, I was thinking 'ape la nama dia nih, android kepe', yes I'm old. This is when Motet told me it's Cyborg, he's in Teen Titans.

Overall I love the movie. Imo, you can't compare it with any Marvel movies, just not right. It's interesting in it's own way. Haih tak pandai la nak review.

When the bluray comes, this will be one of the movie in my rotation list.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Trying to get fit

I tried 45 burpees 2 days ago, tried sebab form ke laut... adeh long way to go. Good side is after I started freeletics, back pain & knee pain are significantly reduced. #beforeihit40
Left leg pain pon dah reduced. Dunno why it happened, maybe because of running & improper stretching. Tapi masa tahiyyat memang tak selesa la. Sekarang dah ok, sakit sikit tapi bearable.

18 Things Mentally Strong People Do

For my beautiful friends 


To makeup or not to makeup?

Let me give a summary:
1. Understand the true meaning of modesty
2. Surround yourself with good company
3. You don’t need makeup to look presentable
4. Dress to impress Allah, not the people
5. Develop an inner natural glow
6. Ask Allah to increase your modesty

I don't know whether I'm ready to totally ditch makeup, but I've reduced from daily make up, to half day (didn't put on makeup after zuhur), to only a couple of days with makeup (maybe a little lip gloss).

At first makeup is to cover up, I'm not happy with my skin so I need to put on makeup every time I go out. Then my skin improves & I'm much more comfortable with a bare face, thanks to SKII campaigns. Now I have realised the longer I didn't wear makeup, the better my skin is & it's a good prep for the next makeup session.

I hope one day I'll stop wearing makeup. For that to happen I need to stop buying makeup la kan.

Yay menang Big Bad Wolf Books Sale preview pass!

Aku kan suka masuk pertandingan nih. Kami nih menang Big Bad Wolf Books Sale preview pass!

Tahun lepas aku dapat jugak, pegi dah. Seronok dapat pegi previwe sebab buku-buku tak bersepah-sepah lagi.

Lagipun aku rasa senang nak dapatkan preview pass nih, siapa cepat dia dapat. Ok la tu jek perkongsian kali nih, ada lagi contest aku menang tapi hadiah tak berapa besh, dapat spa treatment. Bukan tak minat, takde masa jek.

Ok la, till next time, tudeleu~~~

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