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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Labour pain

I would describe the pain as a progression. I had a nine months of preparation, physical, mental & spiritual.

Before I had my labour, even before I experienced my 1st painful contraction, I've decided on epidural because I know I can't stand the pain. I'm like 0 tolerance to pain.

But the doctor warned me, when I reached 10cm, I would feel pain because it's the job of another nerve. I prayed labour is short, Allah granted my doa, alhamdulillah.

I'm thankful for the pain, btw, it helps me when to push. Comel is small baby, she was only 2.89kgs, but it felt like I'm squeezing a massive blob or something. Well, she's a very beautiful, fair skinned, chubby blob, subhanallah.

I read from somewhere that women usually will lost their memory of the pain during the labour. That's why they'll always ready for the next pregnancy. But not for me. I remember every pain, yup everyone of them. From pregnancy, labour & 1.5 years after delivery.

I think Comel will be my only child. Or maybe I'll adopt a a couple of kids, insyaa Allah. I'm not that tough you know, hu'uh not me.

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