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Monday, November 20, 2017

Movie date: Justice League

Yesterday we watched Justice League after reading mixed reviews by my friends. After class, we went to Quill City Mall, had early dinner at DubuYo, went jalan-jalan a bit and bought 8.10pm tickets.

Motet knows every character, she's been watching Teen Titans and linked those characters. I forgot Cyborg's name, I was thinking 'ape la nama dia nih, android kepe', yes I'm old. This is when Motet told me it's Cyborg, he's in Teen Titans.

Overall I love the movie. Imo, you can't compare it with any Marvel movies, just not right. It's interesting in it's own way. Haih tak pandai la nak review.

When the bluray comes, this will be one of the movie in my rotation list.

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