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Sunday, November 19, 2017

To makeup or not to makeup?

Let me give a summary:
1. Understand the true meaning of modesty
2. Surround yourself with good company
3. You don’t need makeup to look presentable
4. Dress to impress Allah, not the people
5. Develop an inner natural glow
6. Ask Allah to increase your modesty

I don't know whether I'm ready to totally ditch makeup, but I've reduced from daily make up, to half day (didn't put on makeup after zuhur), to only a couple of days with makeup (maybe a little lip gloss).

At first makeup is to cover up, I'm not happy with my skin so I need to put on makeup every time I go out. Then my skin improves & I'm much more comfortable with a bare face, thanks to SKII campaigns. Now I have realised the longer I didn't wear makeup, the better my skin is & it's a good prep for the next makeup session.

I hope one day I'll stop wearing makeup. For that to happen I need to stop buying makeup la kan.

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