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Sunday, April 5, 2015


I've been receiving signs, we all are actually, from Allah.

Less than a year ago, an incident happened. When it happened, I was sad & scared. But help was fast, really fast.

I met good people. I received signs. Signs to fix the car, replace a few parts & it went even better after that.

My initial thought was, I thought Allah was punishing me. But the more I learn, Allah is giving me hidayah, directions to a better decision & eventually the best results.

Few days ago, I had to park my car much further than where I was assigned to. I had to take a shuttle bus. When I was about to board the bus, I realised that I left my purse in the car. An idea emerged that I could just pay the fare with little cash I had, for lunch I could just use the coupons provided.

The bus driver said he'll wait for 10 minutes before departure. I thought it was more than enough for me to get to the car & back, so I decided on that.

When I got to the car, I found out I left my entry pass too. Silly me!

See... signs.


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