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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bosch GSB 500 RE Professional Impact Drill Kit Set

Bought this from Lazada at RM250.

I made an order on 14th March & the kit arrived on 16th march, only took less than 48 hours.

Thank you friends & family helping me &  suggesting me where to buy & what to consider. 

I haven't tried the drill yet, must not bother the neighbours with drilling sound at night eh. We'll see on this weekend. I need a few holes on my walls to hang frames, racks & shower head.

But so far it looks promising, maybe because of the word Professional pasted on it kot. It's quite heavy, but I'll manage by holding it with both hands, and the drill bits are easy to attach/detach.

After trying out a few minutes, it left metal & grease smell on my fingers. I can't stop smelling it, I kinda like the smell. The memories of my childhood years where I used to play with Abah's tool box. Maybe because of that.

Well, that's it. Here's a few pictures & videos of the kit set.

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