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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanks but no thanks

Ada orang bagi anak aku hadiah, main kejap jek dah pecah, bersepah dah styrofoam beads, sib baik cepat perasan. Aku buang jek la kan? Please, my daughter is still a baby, I know the original branded ones are super expensive, it's always ok to give a card. And books, my baby loves books.

I'm ok with cheap toys. Aku pun beli kat pasar malam, litt tak sale, mr diy, etc. Tapi tengok jugak la mainan dia macam mana kan? Ada jugak aku beli brand barbie, tapi pecah jugak. Maksud aku pecah bukan bersepai kecik2 tu kan, retak2 sikit. Kalo setakat lekang aku boleh repair balik. Kalo teruk sangat, aku buang.

Mainan branded nih memang mahal, pulak tu bersepah2 imitation kat pasar malam. Ada yang ok, banyak jugak yang tak ok. You know I'm ok with imitation toys.

If you know my daughter loves specific cartoon character and you want to buy her one, make sure it survives your body weight when you give it a stone cold slam. Kalo pecah sampai terburai isi perut yang terdiri dari styrofoam beads, it's not really funny. Why can't it be filled with fiber like the little bits part of it's hands & feet? I dunno, it was made that way, you just bought it.

Actually it's not about the brand, please buy somebody's child a very safe toy, or you could always buy her books, any children book.

I'm sorry, maybe I'm too tired of cleaning it up & thinking so much about how it could choke my daughter.

I'm sorry, my fault. I've thrown it away.

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