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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Happy birthday my love

Haha, jadik la chocolate ice cream cake. Nanti kita cuti2 kat tempat yang paling Comel minat, with beach, sand & swimming pool, insyaa Allah.

3 tahun lepas, Mummy dah kat dalam labour room masa nih. It was a pleasure squeezing you out, haha.

Happy 3rd birthday, dear.

And happy birthday to my dear Noor too. May Allah bless you, dear.

Ernie the Eye Monster by Sam Llyod.
One of the many books for the birthday girl. We spent almost an hour laughing & giggling with the book.

Comel faham cerita & dapat respon dengan sangat baik, so proud of you. She loves the little yellow monster.

Let's Go To Work.
She loves the second book too, Mummy so happy.

More books to come, dear.

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